Neskowin Ghost Forest in Black and White

Neskowin Ghost Forest Seen Through a Lensbaby

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I shot the Neskowin Ghost Forest at a few low tides during summer 2019. My gallery of shots in my usual realistic style is here. These are pictures I took using a Lensbaby Composer Pro Sweet 35, which makes for some interesting focusing and light effects. Taking some surreal and off-kilter shots suits a Ghost Forest.

Neskowin Ghost ForestNeskowin Ghost ForestNeskowin Ghost ForestNeskowin Ghost Forest In The RainNeskowin Ghost Forest In The RainNeskowin Ghost ForestNeskowin Ghost Forest

Neskowin Ghost Forest
In the distance you can see all the people coming to make my shots even harder! I had a great time viewing the Ghost Forest during some 2019 low tides. A lot of people showed up to see it, so taking pictures without people and their shadows was a challenge. In a few shots like this, having people there worked! If you would like to see more pictures of the ghost forest, my main gallery is here.
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