Dorkvania Photography

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I am a hiker, snowshoer, photographer, geek and lover of adventures.

This site will be a hub for my photography and other content. I’ve been putting my content in fairly small groups and communities for a long time and I am excited to put it out on a more accessible place.

Full gallery list is in the upper right menu, but here are a few things I’ve gotten up:

I’ve put some of my photographs up on Society6 so you can buy prints, pouches or other items. If you want to see specific photos up on Society6 do let me know. I can’t use all of my images for commercial purposes, but I can use most of them.

I will be adding to it a great deal over the next year as I have a few more train photography articles for photopigs. My list of current articles on photopigs is here. There you will find articles on topics ranging from Long Exposure Photography to my two part piece on photographing abandoned places.

Upcoming content on this site will include my Oregon Roadtrip Guide, Realities of Traveling Alone and Minimalist Packing. Also, lots and lots of galleries showcasing both the cities and landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.