Hi Stumblers! I hope to see you past the end of SU

I just started this website two and a half months ago. Lots of you have enjoyed my landscapes, abandoned places and hiking adventures. All this content has been ad-free and tracking-free. Please check out my list of galleries. If you are new here, scroll down to see a few samples of my work.

Stumble Upon is shutting down at the end of this month. I have a lot of upcoming content planned, so please consider bookmarking this site, following me via wordpress or following me on Instagram. As always, if you want to see how I get my shots, check out my articles on photopigs.  I have moved to having a Mix profile, but that site is still very new. Most successful social media sites wind up in a different place than their creators planned. So, there is no way to know what that site will be like in a year.

Planned and in progress content for the site:

* Road tripping guides to Oregon

* Car-free guide to hiking Oregon

* More abandoned places galleries, including one of places within Portland

* Abandoned railroad tracks, more long haul railroad trips and other rail travel goodness

I am really excited for the guides! I need to finish figuring out a custom style for my guide pages, which is why my overall Oregon Road Trip Basics isn’t up yet.

And to all Stumblrs, thanks for stopping by! As someone who makes and publishes original content online, it’s really gratifying to see people check out my site. Many of you have come for one gallery, and then stayed to browse others. This has been far more rewarding than seeing my pictures drift by, uncredited and downsized on other sites.

Thanks and I hope to continue seeing you around!

Crater Lake National Park by snowshoe
Crater Lake National Park by snowshoe
Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park
Portland Mausoleum
Stone House