Photos from a brief trip to Spokane

cryptid cryptozoology
Cryptid murals under a bridge near the train station
cryptid jackalope pnw spokane offbeat
A Jackalope and a sea monster. There were eight murals in total.
cryptis tentacle tentacles tree octopus
One last picture of the murals, the tentacles of a Tree Octopus across the road.
bridge waterfalls washington
The river and some of its waterfalls running through the city.
waterfalls river pacific northwest pnw
In the middle of the city
pay phone spokane washington
Pay phone across from where I stayed.
skull western gothic
I go to cities without reading up on them first. Coming across a bridge decorated with cement skulls was a surprise, as was many things in Spokane.
books bookstore night nerd
Giant Nerd Books

geek nerd pnw

Spokane is a gorgeous city. I hope to go back and have time to take good shots of the historic buildings and the river at night.